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Complete Air, Bone, Speech and Masking Audiometry with Integrated QuickSIN.

Live Speech Mapping

Show your patients what they are hearing through their hearing aids on a screen in real time

Video Otoscopy

The MedRx Video Otoscope features auto-focusing so images of the ear are easy to obtain and archive.

A Revolutionary Tool For Testing Tinnitus

Add to Existing MedRx Audiometers or Order the New Tinnometer System Today!


Choose From Three Powerful PC-based Dual Channel Audiometers. The AVANT ARC, Stealth or A2D+

Otowave Tymps

The MedRx Otowave 102, 202 & 202H form a comprehensive range of screening and diagnostic Tympanometers


Choose From Three Powerful PC-based REM/LSM Systems. The AVANT ARC, REM+ or REMsp.

Video Otoscopy

The MedRx Video Otoscopes feature auto-focusing so images are easy to obtain and archive. Capture, View and Store Digital Images


This PC-based Hearing Instrument Test chamber performs 10 automated ANSI & IEC Tests


Designed to give dispensers and technicians a functional tool for repairing, restoring and maintaining hearing aids

User Friendly


The MedRx Audiometric Software is easy to use and customize for every clinic. Standout from the crowd with On Demand Speech Testing.


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